27.03.2022 | Queer Talk – Queer Refugees in Drag Culture

| feat. Prince Emrah / House Of Royals |

In this edition of Queer Talk we will talk with Prince Emrah (@prince_emrah_1203) about her work and experiences as a the mother of the „House Of Royals“ which provides a space for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees from countries such as Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Libya. Prince Emrah is a professional belly dancer, a dance trainer, a fashion design student, a DJ, and an occasional drag queen based in Berlin. Emrah presents Refugee, PoC artists from all over the world. She arrived in Berlin a few years ago as a refugee from Turkmenistan (Kurdish/ Azerbaijan). Since then, she has built an impressive artistic career in the performance art scene in Berlin and beyond. Her shows fuse the traditional and contemporary forms of belly dance and Drag. Emrah is also the mother of a dance and drag collective called “House of Royals“ (@queerberg_soliparty) On top of all these, she gives workshops for those who want to learn belly dance, drag, and extravagant makeup.

Your host for the online talk is Xenia Ende (@xenia_ende). The talk will be held in english.

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Beginn: 27.03.2022 18:00 Uhr

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