26.06.2022 Queer Talk | The Trans Agenda and Acts of Queer Subversion

Queer Talk | The Trans Agenda and Acts of Queer Subversion
| /w Harvey Rabid & Xenia Ende |

The times aren’t changing, they are changed. Stonewall was a riot and queer and trans rights are a battleground. Still, while we’re fighting for emancipation things get messy. While some chant „one solution, revolution“ on the streets, others get caught up in the processes of what is called „Realpolitik“ in german – the half-baked compromises supposed to build bridges between the status quo and cosmic utopias. We want to talk about this.

Foto by: Merlin J Noack

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Beginn: 26.06.2022 18:00 Uhr

Gastdozierende: Harvey Rabbit is a queer trans filmmaker, artist and bdsm practitioner who believes in the healing power of creativity and laughter above all else. Berlin has been his home for almost a decade, in which time he has developed an extensive practice around the topic of consent that consists of group discussion and physical games. You can learn more about his artistic work on his website and read about his current film here:
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